AFS Global Prep Programs meet the needs of a generation of change.

AFS Global Prep was designed to meet the needs and interests of a generation that is already changing the world. Experience life abroad, engage with cultures and issues that are important to you, and gain critical skills for your future. Whether your future involves a college application or a solo trek through the Amazon, AFS Global Prep prepares you for both.

Our most affordable programs.

Too many things you want to do, but not enough money to do them all? Worried about the importance of global competency requirements for college entrance (and for your future career)? AFS Global Prep can help. The tuition for our Global Prep programs is amazingly low and it includes your airfare, meals, lodging, and all AFS activities. 

Busy summer? No problem!

Gone are the days of sitting at home during summer break. For you, summer is filled with commitments. AFS Global Prep programs give you the important global experience you will need for your college applications, but on a schedule that fits your busy life. For more than 65 years, the AFS experience has enabled countless global citizens (just like you) to reach their educational, career, and personal goals. And now, you can have an unforgettable AFS experience in just two weeks.

Join us as we change the world. 

Don't wait any longer. We're ready to get you on your way to the most amazing two weeks you'll have all year! Global Prep experiences are geared to students from age 14 to 17, (but if you are outside of this age range, contact us to find out the specific age range for your destination of interest). All programs will take place during the summer of 2015.