AFS Global Prep includes just about everything you need to have an unforgettable experience.

  • AFS staff and volunteers are with you throughout your time abroad. Not only will they be organizing your activities, but they'll also be a resource for helping you with every detail - from adapting to and understanding the local culture to showing you how to buy a phone card! You're definitely not on your own!
  • When/if available in your destination, you'll further experience the culture of your host country by staying with a family for part of your time abroad. You'll discover family warmth and hospitality while also learning about the day-to-day lives of your hosts. There's no better way to live and learn a new culture!
  • Of course, the basics are also included - such as meals, lodging, transportation, activity fees, and airport transfers.
  • You'll be supported throughout your trip by the more than 60 years of AFS experience in providing safe, quality, international experiences to people from around the world.