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Come find your place in it.


AFS Global Prep USA prepares you for success.

In today’s global environment, a university education isn’t always enough. Major 21st century corporations and organizations require leaders with skills in global competency - talented people who have an understanding of the world and how we communicate, interact, purchase, and live. The AFS Global Prep USA Program sets you on a path to success in your studies and in your career, ensuring that your global competency skills are at the level that today’s corporations expect - and require.

Spend three or six amazing weeks in San Diego, California.

To prepare you for 21st century world citizenship, the AFS Global Prep USA Program in San Diego, California, introduces you to weekly themes that educate, inform, challenge, and excite:

Weeks 1-3: The Environment, The Arts, and Career Options

Weeks 4-6: Popular Culture, Contemporary Issues, and Career Options (plus a trip to Disneyland).

These themes and the accompanying activities are designed specifically to increase your global competency and business knowledge in these areas of global importance.

A focus on issues that are important to your generation.

During Environment Week, you will engage in activities that mix fun with important project activity. You'll participate in a beach cleanup/restoration while also discussing competing priorities regarding the environment. During the Contemporary Issues week, you’ll visit the border of the USA and Mexico and discuss immigration, an issue that poses a critical challenge to the US government - and an increasing number of governments around the world. In all themes and activities, you will study and experience firsthand the importance of an increased awareness of global concerns.

 AFS Global Prep community service project at Olivewood Gardens

AFS Global Prep community service project at Olivewood Gardens

Global Prep USA Quick Facts


LATE JANUARY – EARLY MARCH 2018 (6-week program)
LATE JANUARY - MID FEBRUARY 2018 (3-week program)


Age 18 or over


San Diego, California, USA

The AFS Global Prep USA program includes housing, meals, insurance, 24-hour support, activity/admission costs, and transportation from housing to classes and enrichment activities.


AFS housing is at The Residence Inn, a comfortable suite hotel just south of the University of California’s San Diego campus. Classes and activities are held on the UCSD campus, located in LaJolla, just north of San Diego. This is a very large and popular university campus and, as a bonus, it’s very close to the beach! Check out the UCSD Campus Map.

 AFS English classes - small groups, suited to each person's needs!

AFS English classes - small groups, suited to each person's needs!

Morning Classes

During your first days in the United States, you will take an English exam that will help place you in classes that suit your needs and your English language skills. The classes have a weekly theme that relates directly to the local trips in which you will be participating. If your English level is high (or if you are fluent), your class will focus specifically on weekly themes and topics, rather than language instruction. The teachers are highly qualified and the classes are small so as to make your conversation exercises and learning more effective.

Afternoons & Evenings

During the afternoons, you’ll have a variety of fun activities (held onsite) and excursions to join. Some of the excursions include popular destinations like Balboa Park, La Jolla Beach & Cove, Seaport Village, and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Even learning is fun with events such as talent shows, culture nights, and karaoke. On weekends, longer trips are planned to destinations outside of San Diego and to other nearby attractions that need more time to experience.

 AFS Global Prep students visit the world-famous Salk Institute of Biological Studies

AFS Global Prep students visit the world-famous Salk Institute of Biological Studies

Family Day

Spending all of your time with your new friends doesn’t really give you a chance to see what life is like for a typical family in the United States. That’s why we’ve arranged for you to spend at least one of your Sundays with a local host family. You’ll join them for the day and get a taste of real life in the USA!

“You Pick” Wednesdays

Sometimes it’s fun to not have anything scheduled - a time to relax or spend time with your new friends, doing activities of your own choosing. On Wednesday afternoons, everyone has an opportunity to explore San Diego in small groups, or, if you just need some time to relax, you can choose to stay at the Residence Inn and chillout.

 AFS Global Prep isn't all work and study! Global Prep students visit Disneyland

AFS Global Prep isn't all work and study! Global Prep students visit Disneyland

Let's go to Hollywood!

A visit to California wouldn’t seem complete without a trip to the world capital of entertainment, Los Angeles. We’ll leave early on a Saturday morning and on our way to the City of Angels, we’ll stop for a day at Disneyland. On Sunday morning, we’ll enjoy a full day touring Hollywood, Grumman’s Chinese Theater (and the famous sidewalks), Santa Monica Pier and Beach, and much more! In the early evening, we’ll head back to San Diego.


Daytimes are warm but mornings and evenings are cool. Make sure to bring a light jacket or a sweater. There are heated pools and Jacuzzis at The Residence Inn – so don’t forget your bathing suit!

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